Solutions for becoming a high-performing physician group.


Physician groups and ambulatory care networks are struggling to keep up with the demands of today’s healthcare environment – and for good reason. Long-term payor trends and changing reimbursement structures are pushing patient care to low-cost settings, and consumer demands are driving a comprehensive, and necessary, redesign of how care is accessed and delivered.

Transitioning to doing more with less while maintaining strong operational and financial performance is a challenge, and ECG understands. That’s why we’ve mobilized a team of experts to examine, diagnose, and treat what’s ailing your physician group or ambulatory care network and ensure your operations, revenue cycle, and EHR platforms help you deliver the right care at the right time by the right team.

Ultimately, ECG believes a healthy practice means a healthy community. Let us help you get there. 

There’s always room to improve.

Healthcare is constantly evolving. Standardizing performance, using consistent technology, and taking out costs across the enterprise are actions that must be proactively managed and monitored. ECG can diagnose areas that are hindering your group’s performance. Our detailed assessment tools identify improvement opportunities and direct organizations toward change that can improve and sustain performance for long-term success.

Through our research and work with hundreds of physician groups and ambulatory care networks, we’ve identified the essential components of a high-performing physician group. The graphic below demonstrates an ideal framework, with competencies in IT, revenue cycle, and practice management being foundational to other key attributes.

We use this framework to guide our client assessments and tailor key performance indicators to monitor progress toward success. 

Components of a High-Performing Physician Enterprise