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Bassett Healthcare Network

Cooperstown, New York


Comprised of over 400 physicians and other advance practice clinicians, this group provides primary and specialty care at Bassett Clinic, Bassett Medical Center, and 44 clinics and health centers in an eight-county region, with ambulatory patient visits totaling approximately 700,000 annually. The group’s leadership was seeking to build upon previous performance improvement initiatives and secure objectivity about processes and gains achieved.


ECG partnered with Bassett to identify areas of underperformance and improvement opportunities in operations, productivity, access/service, and resource utilization. Priorities areas emerging from the assessment were patient access, the care delivery model, and patient cycle time, with the surgery clinic and primary care being designated as high-priority settings. Targeted performance improvement solutions were then developed, proposed, and implemented for these practices.


ECG identified opportunities to redistribute clinic sessions and modify workflows to increase capacity. Expected opportunities included a 19% increase in patient visit capacity, a 40% decrease in wait times, and a 17% decrease in physician utilization. A pilot PCMH program for primary care identified specific opportunities to improve patient and provider satisfaction and better manage third available appointment and call abandon issues.